Namewee Raises Fund for H.O.P.E.


Namewee Raises Fund for H.O.P.E.

Namewee, a famous yet controversial artist from Johor, has recently released a video inviting the public to participate in HOPE 2017 Vegetarian Charity Banquet. The charity banquet aims to raise funds to build an infirmary for stray animals.

HOPE Charity Dinner
HOPE 2017 Vegetarian Charity Banquet

Namewee: The Truth Behind Malaysian Charity Shows

The Truth Behind Malaysian Charity Shows

In his Youtube talk show “Namewee Tokok” episode 71, Namewee talked about “The Truth Behind Malaysian Charity Shows”, where he claimed that many of the charity events in Malaysia, especially the large-scale ones, are ineffective in helping the beneficiary charity body. These large-scale events, as claimed by Namewee, are usually planned by event companies, inviting famous artists and celebrities, and held in large venues.

However, Namewee said, these large scale charity events are usually not effective in helping the needy people or beneficiaries. Instead, the money acquired from the donations of the events’ participants is mostly spent in the large venues, expensive food, and most importantly, the invited guest artists and celebrities. He claimed that the beneficiaries are exploited, while the celebrities raked in large amount of money and publicity. This has left the situation of the benefiting charitable organisations largely unchanged, unfortunately.

Namewee, in the video, has strongly criticised such activities, saying that he felt extremely sad for the supposed beneficiaries.

Raising Funds for HOPE Johor

Namewee, in later part of the video, introduces the viewer to H.O.P.E., a stray dog care centre located in Johor.

Namewee introducing HOPE to the viewers

HOPE is the largest pet shelter in Malaysia, currently housing around 3000 dogs. Namewee explained that HOPE is a strictly no-kill shelter, and as such the operation costs and number of dogs in the shelter are extremely high. To run the shelter, HOPE requires hundreds of thousands of Ringgit every month. The large expenses and no-kill policy has left the owners and volunteers financially stressed. In desperation, they approached Namewee for advice of what actions can be done next.

In the 9-minute video, Namewee announced that he will be cooperating with HOPE in a charity dinner.  He hopes to utilise his influence in the internet and call upon celebrities, whether local or overseas, to join the charity dinner. The event will not have large scale publicity, neither will there be large amount of remuneration for the celebrities. In addition, 100% of the donation received will be fully donated to HOPE.

A “True” Charity Event

At the end of the video, Namewee invites the public, celebrities, and influential individuals to participate in the charity dinner and donate generously. The charity will be low-budget, serving inexpensive dishes, but it will be a “true” charity event.

Let’s join a true charity event

HOPE for Eternal Heartbeat 2017 Vegetarian Charity Banquet will take place on:
Date: 5th August 2017, Saturday
Venue: Maedo Restaurant, TUTA, Skudai Johor
Time: 7 P.M. (Guest registration at 6 P.M.)
Ticket Pricing: RM 130/pax OR RM 1300/table of 10

For more details, visit HOPE’s Facebook page or website.

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