Hero of the Zeroes Part II: The Perfect Imperfections

Syahid the Cat

The Perfect Imperfections

Unsurprisingly, we have more than just one hero who is not put under the spotlight. Meet Ms. Azie Darwish and our cover cat for issue 03, Syahid, a three-legged cat.

Ms Azie Darwish
LADY HERO: Ms Azie Darwish

This article is titled as the Part II of “Hero of the Zeroes” because it is also closely related to Abang Kucing, who was featured in our previous issue. Syahid was initially rescued by Abang Kucing, and was then taken care by Ms. Azie. The exact reason to Syahid’s injury was unknown, but it is suspected to be caused by a vehicle.

Heart of Gold

Ms. Azie is a pet rescuer with a heart of gold – she does not give the cold shoulder even if the pet is disabled. In fact, she thinks that they are perfect in their own ways.

Syahid the Cat
SYAHID THE CAT: Despite having only three legs, Syahid is living a healthy and happy life, thanks to the good care given by Ms. Azie.

Ms. Azie started rescuing cats when she encountered an incident years ago. One day, she witnessed a cat being ill-treated by a few children. The cat’s tail was severed, and the children buried the cat’s body into the ground, with its head popping up. Unable to bear with the cruelty she was seeing, Ms. Azie stepped forward and stopped the children, and rescued the cat. Since then, she has never looked back and continued rescuing animals to this day.

LUCKY: Lucky is another cat which was rescued from Ms. Azie. It was found with extremely bad eye conditions, and the vet has to remove its right eye. The left eye was treated by Ms. Azie, unfortunately it is still not functional.

Currently, there are about 30 rescued cats under Ms. Azie’s care. She will neuter the cats before putting them for adoption. To make sure that the cat does not end up on the street again, Ms. Azie would request for the adopter to
microchip the cat and apply for a pet passport for the adopted pet.

If you are interested in adopting from Ms. Azie, you may contact the VIP Magazine team or go to fb.com/azie.a.darwish for Ms. Azie’s Facebook profile.

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