Abang Kucing with Jamal

Abang Kucing – Hero of the Zeroes

Hero of the Zeroes

Not all heroes wear capes. Mr. Sharul Nizam, or better known as Abang Kucing in social media, is one who is especially unique – he is an animal rescuer and activist who does not discriminate against any animal, including dogs, despite being a Muslim.

Abang Kucing 1

In this article, we follow the story of Mr. Sharul Nizam and his rescued dogs, Jamal, and others. Mr. Sharul is very vocal about his thoughts and beliefs, and does not hide his love for animals. He does not shy away from discussions and has always defended his principles.

Abang Kucing with Jamal

Mr Shairul and Jamal sharing a loving moment together during our interview.

Dedicated Rescuer

Throughout the years, he has rescued many animals, including Jamal, our cover dog for the second issue of VIP Magazine. However, Mr. Sharul’s journey has not been easy. He has faced criticism and complaints from others due to his Islamic religion. Despite that, he still strives for the acceptance of animals, especially dogs, in the Malay-muslim communities. Slowly but surely, we can feel the impact of his effort.

Abang Kucing Walking Dogs

Mr. Sharul taking a walk with Jamal and other dogs under his care. He also takes care of strays, which he calls “community dogs”, around his neighbourhood.

Despite the hardship, Abang Kucing has no lack of supporters too. He frequently receives wordsof support from people of all races and religions for his ideals. Mr. Sharul hopes that the public could be more aware about the issue
of animal abuse as well as animal welfare.

Jamal the Dog

For those who would like to know more about Mr. Sharul or would like to extend some help to him, you may contact the VIP Magazine team or search in Facebook to contact him.