Syahid the Cat

Hero of the Zeroes Part II: The Perfect Imperfections

The Perfect Imperfections Unsurprisingly, we have more than just one hero who is not put under the spotlight. Meet Ms. Azie Darwish and our cover cat for issue 03, Syahid, a three-legged cat. This article is titled as the Part II of “Hero of the Zeroes” because it is also closely related to Abang Kucing, who was featured in our previous issue. Syahid was initially rescued by Abang Kucing, and was then taken care by Ms. Azie. The exact reason to Syahid’s injury was unknown, but it is suspected

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Abang Kucing with Jamal

Abang Kucing – Hero of the Zeroes

Hero of the Zeroes Not all heroes wear capes. Mr. Sharul Nizam, or better known as Abang Kucing in social media, is one who is especially unique - he is an animal rescuer and activist who does not discriminate against any animal, including dogs, despite being a Muslim. In this article, we follow the story of Mr. Sharul Nizam and his rescued dogs, Jamal, and others. Mr. Sharul is very vocal about his thoughts and beliefs, and does not hide his love for animals. He does not shy away from d

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Musashi the Cat

Adopt! For the Love of Animals

Adopt! For the love of animals You’ve seen them everywhere. There are thousands of stray animals helplessly roaming our streets. Here in VIP Magazine, we would like to play a small part in helping these animals. Let’s adopt an adorable animal here as your pet and give them a forever home! Featuring: The strays of Johor VIP Magazine has searched far and wide for rescuers from Johor, and hereby presents these lovely pets for adoption to you. The pets for adoption featured in this article ar

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